peony's envy | bernardsville, nj

Peony's Envy is a magical place in Bernardsville, NJ that only has (you guessed it) peonies!  Kathleen Gagan has dedicated her 8-acre property to over 500 different peonies which will bloom for a period of 7-10 days over a six week bloom period.  I visited the nursery last week and the peonies were just starting to bloom.   If you get a chance I highly recommend you taking a drive out there to view the beauty.  Or better yet join Kathleen for her first ever picnic style dinner amongst the peak bloom peonies on Friday, May 29th 5:30 till the sun sets.  She is partnering with the amazing Panetica to provide a farm to table packed box dinner with fresh, delicious creations sourced from local farmers' markets seasonal offerings.  Check out her page for more details.  I'll be on hand to photograph the beautiful evening as well!