the letter nest | new york city branding lifestyle photographer

The Letter Nest is a fabulous new line of letter and alphabet watercolor paintings by New York City-based artist and illustrator Sally King McBride. Working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for over 10 years, as well as having two young boys motivated Sally to create these timeless pieces of art. Her alphabet watercolor prints are painted in an animal, circus, construction and flower theme. Check out her ‘just launched’ website to see all of her beautiful work -

welcoming baby "c" | chatham, nj newborn lifestyle photographer

I can't tell a lie .. my heart skipped a beat when I entered Baby Cameron's nursery.  The colors and furnishings just "popped" and made me smile.  Basically her parent's design aesthetic is amazing and so much fun to photograph in.

Many new, first time parents who reach out to me always ask what entails a newborn shoot.   The first thing I tell them is that I will show up and just go with the baby's flow.  I never want it to be a stressful time and I will take as long as we need to.  Newborn shoots are almost always in the client's home because this is where you will want to preserve all of those memories.  (Plus who needs to traipse a baby to a new location ;-) The first few weeks with a newborn are a big blur so documenting this for a new family is what I love to do.