enroute to Victoria | travel scrapbook

A holiday would not be complete without a few (ahem-ahem, a few hundred I mean) images to document our time away.  With a little bit of time off of school last week the kids and I decided, very last minute, to fly to beautiful British Columbia to visit my family.  It has been awhile since I've been back home during a November and I forgot how soggy it can be.  I guess that is why everything is so lush and green in the Pacific Northwest.  

We did an overnight in Victoria by taking the ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay which is one of the most beautiful 1.5 hour ferry rides you could take.  One of my favorite parts of the journey is sailing through Active Pass which is a narrow passage-way separating Canada's Southern Gulf Islands.   I haven't sailed that passage in many years but, man oh man, is it ever gorgeous.   Orca whales are often spotted through the icy cold waters but the closest we got to any sea creatures were a few seal heads bobbing up and down.  My son and a couple of yappy seagulls were the only ones brave enough to come up to the top deck with me while I happily shot away.  Enjoy the view.