dinosaurs and whales | personal

We have a little boy who has been begging us for weeks to go into the city to see the "dinosaurs" at the American Museum of Natural History so rather then heading down to DC like we had planned to after Thanksgiving, we decided to ditch our plans and instead hopped into the car and drove into the city. We booked a room and reminisced what it was like before kids. We searched out dinosaurs and whales, ate chinese food on the UWS, walked through Times Square with the millions of tourists, leisurely "brunched" on Sunday morning, saw "the tree" and swam like fishes in the hotel swimming pool 45 floors up.

After 36 hours my batteries were recharged and we headed home to finish up the mountain of editing and packaging I had for all my clients. For a large majority of you who are waiting your goodies, I just took a whole stack to the post office this afternoon so you should all be receiving your parcels early next week. Just want to let everyone know that December 9th is my holiday deadline for any clients needing to order products.