the calm before the storm | madison, nj baby photographer

You would never know that just a few hours after a morning spent with this peaceful beautiful little boy, our lives would be torn upside down and disrupted for an entire week by a crazy October Nor-Eastern. I came home right after this shoot to our 100 year old oak trees in our front yard falling down like toothpicks. Live wires were pulled from our home and limbs were torn from the trees over our entire yard. 6 nights later after camping in hotels we came home to put our lives back together. Halloween in our town was cancelled and the kids had an entire week off of school. What a week but at least we are all safe and there were no major injuries. Mother nature sure did a number on us!

On a happier note, little Benjamin was a complete angel. He saw his first snow-fall while I was photographing him and we share the same birthday which is always a fun fact to find out. Thanks so much Cindy and Damian for the great morning!