blue lily

I am a firm believer that all families should get a "family portrait" every couple of years if not yearly. Mothers are usually the ones who book a photo session but they rarely want to be in the shot because their hair is not right or they want to lose that extra 5 pounds. I always try to persuade them because really, when your child is grown up and is looking back at the photos will they even notice the gray in your hair or the extra pounds around your waist. I don't think so! They will just be so happy to see you all together as a family and will enjoy the memory that you created. A year or so ago when I read that Wendy + Tyler of Blue Lily were coming to New York, I quickly booked them to do our family portraits but travel plans got in the way and I had to cancel our shoot. A year later they returned and without hesitation we headed to Tribeca to make our own family memories. Downtown Tribeca holds a soft spot in our hearts as D and I would roam the streets when we lived there going from restaurant to bar or brunching at Bubby's on weekend mornings. Here are a just a few of the great shots that Blue Lily took of us. If you have been putting off scheduling a shoot, go ahead and do it. You and your future generations won't regret it.